It was fantastic to have pupils at our Eisteddfod Opening Ceremony again this year. Although we could only have our oldest pupils in the Hall and everyone else online it was a chance for the whole community to come together to celebrate El Centre Day. After our tradition Welsh and Spanish national anthems Mrs Randell officially opened the Eisteddfod with the help of our Early Years pupils. Mr Randell welcomed everyone to the Eisteddfod and reminded us why it’s such an important moment in the school year and how it connects us to Mrs Randell, her roots, her belief in the creative arts and community. There was a chance to go through all of the awards and scholarships in Mrs Randell’s name before Ms Smith highlighted some of the most important aspects of our community.

We closed the ceremony with our Stage 4 boys and girls performing a famous British poem “IF” by Kipling and then doing the flower dance, an important part of the National Eisteddfod in Wales. They the highlight of the afternoon is celebrating our Head Boys and Head Girls. We are delighted to welcome Ivo and Cristina and they are now officially our Head Boy and Head Girl. It was also a chance to listen to a moving speech by Javi and Minerva as they reflected on their time as Head Boy and Head Girl.