Once again, we are proud to announce the new Head Boy and Head Girl, Ana Rodríguez and Fernando Valverde. Both have been chosen for their academic trajectory, maturity and responsibility. It has been a pleasant surprise, both of them were enjoying the exchange with Germany unaware of the fact they would be representing the student body for the 2018-2019 academic year.

The Board of Directors in full, jointly with the Secondary and Sixth Form Deputy Heads wanted to welcome Fernando and Ana and inform them of their roles, of course they have two great ambassadors, Violeta and Pablo, for whom the Board of Directors also had very special words.

The Head Boy and Head Girl roles is that of ambassadors and School representatives, an example of the ECI pupil profile for the rest of their peers and, at the same time, serving as a link between the School Management and the student body.

Congratulations to Ana and Fernando!!!