This is the world of Early Years, where from 2 to 5 years old, the creativity and imagination of the youngest children shines through.

All the pupils, divided into learning pools, enjoy British immersion, learning English as our vehicular language in a very natural way. But not only that, because French, German and Chinese also accompany them in their journey.

A journey in which we grow by investigating and developing our curiosity. Where our well-being is the axis around which emotions revolve.

At Rainbow they work on gross-motor skills, coordination, and daily self-improvement, as they are all great superheroes inside and outside the classroom. (

Music is also part of this fantastic world in our Royal Hall. We feel and express emotion!

Any space is a source of learning.


The love of lifelong learning begins with our youngest pupils as part of the Seeds for Life project in ECI British Early Years, using English as the vehicular language. A curriculum with an active methodology that provides a global perspective and leads to meaningful learning through cross-curricular projects.  We also have our own defined purpose, aligned with the MVV and the PEC.

The cornerstones of Early Years are each pupil’s individual portfolio, which details their progress, and the objectives for each area which are tailored to the needs of each pupil, a truly individualised teaching-learning process. We consider the adult/pupil ratio to be very important and we rely on our programme of classroom assistants, who accompany the pupils on a daily basis, and specialist Music, Art, and P.E teachers, who have their own facilities, as well as teachers of the different languages (Spanish, French, German and Chinese culture).