The English Centre Group is comprises various companies with over four decades of experience in the education sector. The English Centre, TECS and SPARK make up our Educational Group , which perfectly combines its family environment with continuous expansion, always looking for excellence in teaching and learning.


The English Centre includes teaching from 2 year olds to 18 year olds. It is a privately owned mixed secular School, recognised by the Ministry of Education and Sciences from its foundation in 1969 by Linda Randell. At present her son David Randell y Gillian Randell Thompson, the School is run based upon her project LifeLong Love of Learning, motto maintained since then as one of the fundamental pillars for pupil learning, together with the establishment of the British language and culture in teaching, performances, activities and events.


In SPARKS Spanish we receive foreign students in our linguistic and cultural immersion programmes in Spanish throughout the year. With their own residence or in collaboration with Spanish families, offering a wide range of tourist and sport options for holistic learning. We need to understand that Spanish is also an asset we need to export and maintain. “Your Learning, our passion” is our motto at Sparks Spanish.


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In TECS we carry out our programmes, courses and language activities for children, youngsters and adults through 3 teaching areas: language immersion Summer Camps, Courses abroad and in Language Centres. All programmes are of language immersion. TECS supports a much more dynamic and attractive language teaching programme, adapted to all age groups and that in some cases, such as the total immersion camps in English, have proved to be an absolute methodological revolution in this sector. “English is Fun” is our identity.

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Palabramos – School for Young Writers.
SWe are pioneers in the Cadiz province with the creation of the creative writing workshop. Palabramos is born with the aim of offering a space for creative writing, space often not taken care of within official studies, which needs to be encouraged and stimulated to develop our youngsters’ literary and creative skills.

  • Groups for 10 to 18 year olds, School pupils and external pupils.
  • Adult groups.
  • Literary meetings with writers.
  • Fun and Practical classes.
  • Highly qualified teachers.
  • Literary activities.
  • Sole requirement: look for or have something to tell and find our own voice to do so.


English Centre College is the new professional training project for young people interested in business. Its vision is international with a global labour market in mind.

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