The mission, vision and values are a clear reflection of the School spirit. Short and long term objectives that synthesise the ECI pupil profile, staff employment and continuous development of the entire School team.

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We have a very ambitious and complete  Development Plan , which sets out time frames and deadlines to achieve our vision. The School Educational Project, and all its staff are committed and aligned with this Plan

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Our mission is to provide pupils with a broad based Spanish curriculum, complemented by our extended International curriculum and  enriched with a range ECI projects. We aim to produce pupils who are fluent and confident in the use of languages and can recognise their strengths and interests in order to  reach their full potential. Our pupils acquire leadership qualities which, added to their positive attitude and a life long love of learning, will enable them to make a valuable contribution to the diverse, international society of today.

Our professional, dedicated staff working within a structured and disciplined setting is committed to producing responsible, tolerant,  courteous, citizens in a creative and nurturing learning environment. The school and families  work together at The English Centre and Ael y Bryn, to instil in our pupils an outlook and standards that distinguish them in their  private, social and professional lives.


The English Centre vision is to strengthen our profile with stakeholders and be a point of reference within the education sector, at both National and International levels. We ensure the greatest degree of satisfaction for our families and pupils through an optimum and complete Curriculum with bespoke extensions across the whole school, officially recognized nationally and internationally.  This is supported by our methodology and a dedicated staff with high expectations who undergo continuous professional development and have gained public recognition in their fields. Based on continuous improvement and innovation in a collaborative environment, our pupils develop to the absolute best of their abilities and achieve excellent academic results. As they mature they acquire higher learning skills becoming self-confident, critical, independent thinkers, involved with society and the environment, familiar with other cultures, both reflective and respectful.



  1. Integrity: to be true to our commitments in our actions and model behaviour which will inspire our pupils and community
  2. Responsibility.
  • Shared responsibility between The English Centre, Families and Pupils for their education.
  • Responsibility for The English Centre staff.
  • Social and environmental responsibility.