How do I apply for a place at the School?

You may access through the web page, on the information button and fill in the enrolment form or download it (if you are ready to enrol your child). You may also request information in person at the School on 956850560. Once the information has been requested, you will be provided with an Information letter (via e-mail) and the Family Services Department (SAF) will contact you to organise a guided visit.

When does the enrolment period begin?

From January to March, although enrolments continue if there are places available.

What is the complete enrolment process?

1.Information request: information may be requested, with no obligation, to learn about the School characteristics as well as its methodologies, educational projects, services and its Life Long Love of Learning spirit. Once the information has been requested, you will be given a School information pack and the Family Services Department (SAF) will contact you to arrange a guided visit to the School where you will be able to visit the premises and further information regarding the School life and spirit details as well as any other information regarding any further queries.
2.Application form: to continue with the enrolment process, an “Application Form” must be completed and handed in (you may do so in person or via email to saf@elcentroingles.es). This does not guarantee a place, and carries no obligation for the families. The pupil admission and enrolment will be conditioned to the availability of a place in the requested year group and the order of priority established by the School regarding: enrolled pupil’s siblings, former pupil’s children, etc.
3.Interview: Once we have received the application form and in the event of availability, a second interview will be arranged with the Subdirector of the corresponding stage, to which family and pupil will attend, where any doubts or pedagogical queries will be answered. For this meeting, the previous year’s grades bulletin must be presented as well as the current year’s latest grades bulletin. The pupil will undergo a personal interview with the Subdirector.
4.Enrolment tests: pupils as from Primary Year 1 must pass an admission test on the subjects which serve as a basis for the year group to enrol: Spanish language, mathematics and English, as well as a Guidance Department test.
5.Enrolment Request Resolution: After a ETCP evaluation, the School will contact the family to inform the admission or non-admission of the pupil, after which, we will request enrolment confirmation and further documentation.

Does requesting information imply any commitment?

Not at all, the final decision will be made after the information process concludes.

Is there an entrance test?

Pupils from Year 1 up requesting a place must pass an entrance test linked to the core subjects for the corresponding Key Stage: Spanish language, English, Maths and psychometric test. All pupils applying for a place will be called to take the test at the same time.

What are the Fees?

Once information regarding the School has been requested, the Family Services Department organises an appointment where families receive information regarding the fees for that academic year.

Are there any discounts?

3 siblings- 40% for youngest sibling
4 siblings- 95% for youngest sibling
5 or more siblings- 100% for youngest sibling, 35% for the next
Full fee payment 2%
There are also discounts available on transport and clubs (extra-curricular activities)
Consult in Secretary’s office.

What services are compulsory?

Tuition and dining room service. Other services such as buses, morning class or extra-curricular activities are optional and are only invoiced to those families who request the services through the “School Forum” in ECINET.

What age can a child enrol?

Our educational range covers 2 to 18 year olds.

>What is ECINET?

It is a unique platform, exclusively designed for our families. A password is assigned to the family so that they can have: direct contact with the School and tutor, request bus service changes, request eating in School with the pupils, request tutorials…

What curriculum does the School offer?

We follow the official Spanish Curriculum, with our own additional International Curriculum. A curriculum where pupils learn in English and carry out cross curricula studies full of activities that complement our pupils’ education.

What is the International Curriculum?

It is an educational framework comprising activities and subjects in English that complement our pupils’ education (Topic, Assembly, PE…). A dynamic, creative and collaborative way of learning.

Are there extracurricular activities?

We offer a wide range of sporting and musical activities. We also have “Palabramos” School for Young Writers project ans Robotics Club.
You can find them in the download section of the web under the name Extracurricular Clubs Catalogue.

Number of hours in English for pupils according to stages?

Early Years 2 and 3 year olds: 95%
Early Years 4 and 5 year olds: 90%
Primary Years 1- 4: 50%
Primary Years 5-6: 55%
Secondary: 40%
Sixth Form: 25%

When do pupils begin with a second and third language (French and German)?

German from 4 year olds.
French from 2 year olds.
In Secondary, pupils choose between the two languages.

Must children be toilet trained to enrol in School?

No, we have auxiliaries available to cover all our pupils’ needs.

What is a CLA?

They are native assistants who accompany teachers in Early Years and in Primary 1 and 2.

Where can I purchase the uniforms?

At the school shop.
Monday to Friday 9:15 am to 1:00 pm and from 4:00pm to 6:00pm

Is lunch prepared on site?

Yes, the food is cooked on site by Sodexo, a multinational company in this field founded in 1976. We invite you to visit its web page: http://es.sodexo.com.
Our menus are carefully planned by the Sodexo nutritionists aiming to provide our pupils and School staff with a healthy and balanced diet.

Can menus adapted?

Of course, we have celiac diets, astringent, lactose free and low calories menus.
The daily menu can be checked on ECINET (platform for families).

When do they receive swimming classes?

In 3, 4 and 5 year olds between May and June.