How can I apply for a place at the school?

You can go to the website, click on the Information button, and fill in the questionnaire or download the form from Enrolment (if you are convinced about enrolment). You can also request information in person at the School or by calling 956850560. Once the information has been requested, you will receive the information bulletin (via email) and the Family   Service (SAF) will contact you to arrange a guided tour.

When does the enrolment period start?

From January to March, although we continue to enrol as long as there are places available.

What is the complete enrolment process?

  1. Information request: you can request information without any obligation to learn about the characteristics of the Centre as well as its methodologies, educational projects, services, and its spirit of lifelong learning (Lifelong Love of Learning). Once the information has been requested, you will be provided with the information bulletin and all the documentation of the Centre together with the fees and the Family Service (SAF) will contact you to offer you to arrange a guided visit to the School, during which you will be shown around and will have the opportunity to learn more about the characteristics and the spirit of the Centre, as well as to receive all the information you may need to consult beforehand.
  2. Visit to the School: during the visit you will have the opportunity to see the School’s educational project in action and a great opportunity to ask any questions you may have.
  3. Admission phase: in this phase there will be an interview with the Deputy Head of the stage, as well as level tests from stage 2 to Upper Sixth (1st EPO to 2nd year of Baccalaureate). The level tests are for Spanish language, Mathematics and English, as well as a test from the Guidance Department. At no time up to this stage is there any commitment on the part of the family.
  4. Resolution of the Application: subsequently, after the evaluation of the tests, we will contact you to inform you whether or not the pupil has been admitted, after which, we will require your confirmation of enrolment together with the rest of the completed documentation.

Does requesting information entail any obligation?

Under no circumstances, the final decision will be taken once the information process has been completed.

Is there an entry test?

Pupils from Stage 2 (1st Year of Primary) who have applied for admission must pass an admission test on the subjects that are to serve as the basis for the stage or level they are to study: Spanish language, mathematics, English, and a test by the Guidance Department. All pupils who apply for a place will be asked to take this test at the same time.

What are the fees?

You will receive information regarding fees after requesting information about the School.

Are there any discounts?

Tuition and lunch

3 siblings – 40% on the youngest of the three.

4 siblings – 95% on the youngest sibling.

5 siblings or more – 100% on the youngest and 35% on the following one.

Full academic year payment – 2%.

There are also discounts on the transport service and extracurricular schools. Please consult the secretary’s office.

What services are compulsory?

Tuition and dining room. Other services such as buses, Breakfast Club or extracurricular activities are optional and therefore invoices will only be sent to those families who request them in writing through the “Forum with the Centre” in ECINET.

At what age can pupils be enrolled?

Our educational coverage ranges from 2 to 18 years of age.

What is ECINET?

It is a unique and exclusively designed platform for the families of the School, to which you will have access with your family passwords, and you will be able to have direct contact with the Centre and with the tutor, make bus changes, ask to have lunch with the pupil, request parent/teacher meetings…

What curriculum does the School offer?

We follow the official Spanish curriculum, with our own international extension. That is to say, we have created a pedagogical framework (International Curriculum) with subjects and activities in English which complement the education of our pupils. Early Years is British, Junior School and Senior School follow Cambridge who endorse our International Curriculum.

What is the International Curriculum?

It is a pedagogical framework with subjects and activities in English which complement the education of our pupils (Topic, Assembly, PE…). It is a dynamic, creative, and collaborative way of working.

Are there any extracurricular activities?

We offer a wide range of sporting and musical activities, languages, and robotics.

You can find them in the admissions area of the website, under the name Extracurricular Schools Catalogue.

Hours of English for pupils according to stages?

Early Years : 89.3%.

Junior School (Primary): 73.33%.

Senior School (Secondary and Sixth Form): 28.6%.

When do they start with a second and third language (French and German)?

German from age 4

Chinese culture from the age  4

French from the age  2

In Secondary School, the pupil chooses between one of the two languages.

Is sphincter control required to enrol at the School?

No, we have assistants who take care of all the needs of our youngest pupils.

What is an Intern?

They are native English-speaking assistants who accompany each teacher in all the Early Years, Stage 2 and Stage 3  (in Junior School).

Where can I buy uniform?

At the School’s uniform shop.

Opening hours: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9:00am to 11:30am and Monday and Wednesday from 4:30pm to 6:00pm.

Does the school have its own kitchen?

Yes, the food is prepared in the School kitchen by Sodexo, a multinational company founded in 1976. We invite you to visit their website http://es.sodexo.com.

Our menus are carefully planned by Sodexo’s nutritionists in order to provide our pupils and staff with a balanced and healthy diet.

Is the dining room  service compulsory?

Yes, it is compulsory for all pupils in all stages.

Is it possible to request adapted menus?

Of course, we have menus for coeliacs, astringent, lactose-free and low-calorie menus and adapted to any type of allergy or intolerance. From ECINET (platform for families) you can consult the menu daily.

When do they have swimming lessons?

In all year groups from the age of 3, from May onwards. In addition, pupils have the option of choosing swimming or water activities as an extracurricular activity.