The School’s educational project runs from Early Years to Senior School, including Junior School and Secondary. Our wide educational range means that we can offer our own curriculum that underpins the ECI pupil profile prepared for an International environment. Our School demonstrates a clear interest in instilling an awareness of social responsibility and for this reason, offers a system of education that ensures its pupils are tolerant, generous and committed. It foments understanding and awareness, based on a respect for different cultures, races, beliefs; on the need for peace, collaboration and solidarity.

A secular school by definition, we also offer catholic religious studies as an option where pupils can be prepared for the celebration of their First Communion as well as the Confirmation.

» A methodology based upon a Lifelong Love of Learning, continuous improvement and the use of languages as vehicle of communication in School.

» An International Education which prepares pupils and provides access to university studies.

» An education which promotes initiative,creativity, critical thinking and decision making.

» A collaborative and cooperative elearning model for staff and pupils.

» An education in values: honour, honesty, truthfulness, generosity, solidarity, justice, respect, freedom, kindness, consistency and equality.

» The use of new technology as a working tool.

» We offer an education programme based on moral values to make of our pupils responsible and global citizens by CIS and people with a sense responsibility , tolerant, generous and committed to the environment and of their time.

See ECI Projects , which complement the School Educational Project.