We understand the importance of a reference point when queries need answering, and for this reason we created the Family Attention Service (SAF) to manage queries and answer applications and other issues that might need special handling outside of the educational or reception issues.

A SAF representative supports families from the moment they request information until the pupil finishes their education at our School and beyond; we do like to maintain contact with families that have been part of our ECI Community after pupils have completed their studies.

Our families have the opportunity of being in direct contact with SAF through various channels of communication offered by the School, as well as in person on School premises.

These channels are:

» Forum with School via ECINET.
» By phone 956850560 between 8:30am and 6:45pm.
» In person in School.
» Via e-mail

Families fully share our Mission, Vision and Values. They take an active part in School life, participating in various forums and communication channels to share their suggestions and comments.
The English Centre understands the best way to develop pupils’ potential to its best is providing family communication, and for this reason meetings are held periodically with families and with AMPA, family-tutor forums, in-situ tutorials, digital diary, circulars and other systems created exclusively for this task.(ECINET Platform)
Pupil fidelity is a key objective of our Educational Institution, both pupils and families are given the opportunity to take part in satisfaction questionnaires.

What elements are indicators of this fidelity?

» Tutorial action is valued in our pupils’ academic and behavioural education
» Our management efficiency
» Confidence in our methodology
» Invitations to numerous performances; parents, grandparents and families are invited to (Christmas events, plays, parties, get-togethers, sporting activities, choir performances…)
» Continued family identification with School ideology.