Our quality Management system guarantees the School’s excellence. A structure that safeguards the good running and compliance of all the necessary requirements in order to maintain all certifications.

We work ambitiously on our Educational Project, trying to improve it every year, and to do so, we request family opinions, pupil’s and staff’s through satisfaction questionnaires. The information obtained is analysed and improvement actions are established for the following academic year. year after year we continue to carry out actions to improve for the following year. the environment is forever changing, and we evolve with it.

We currently hold the following certifications:

» Certification Quality Management System by AENOR. Frist School in Andalucia certified in ISO 9001:2015

» We introduce and achieve the certification with AENOR for an Environmental Management System in accordance with  ISO 14001:2015

The English Centre is committed to the environment, as evidenced by the prestigious Green Flag and ISO 14001:2015 certification. This commitment to the environment is understood and works in a transversal way and in different areas from Ownership to students through the Sustainability Classroom. We are working on reducing consumption, educating on environmental values, doing volunteer work, betting on renewable energy and finally reducing each course’s ecological footprint in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals. See some results in the image of “ECI Community 2021-2022 – ODS“.


» Seal for Educational Innovation. In November 2019 we received a recognition to our Educational Innovation. A recognition to the entire teaching staff that shows our daily commitment with innovation, self-improvement and thought routines.

All this would not be possible without the entire team that makes up the School, pupils and our families. This is your seal, Congratulations!

 Excellency Club 

 Excellency Club Certification

» Family-Responsible Company

Since its founding by Mrs Randell, The English Center has always been concerned with developing a family environment for pupils, staff and families, with favorable conditions for school life, personal development and family and professional life balance.  It is a model developed by the masfamilia  Foundation endorsed by the Ministry of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare and recognized as “Good Practice” by the UN for its “good practices for the conciliation of working and family life” See area of the family environment.

» CIS Members (Council of International School)

Our School is committed to preparing our pupils as global citizens concerned about social issues at the international level. Pupils capable of communicating in any circumstance, responsible and empathetic people with all cultures and members of society.

Our Centre welcomes the granting of a grant from the European Union under the ERDF Operational Programme of Andalusia 2014-2020, this grant is financed as part of the EU response to the COVID-19 pandemic (REACT-EU), to compensate the energy cost of natural gas and/or electricity to SMEs and self-employed persons particularly affected by the increase in natural gas and electricity prices caused by the impact of Russias war of aggression against Ukraine.

From the Center we support and promote sustainability and the ecological footprint 0 through the ECO Student Committee led by the students of the Center proposing improvements that reduce the consumption of electricity, plastic, recycling. . .

Recently, we have also made a major investment in photovoltaic panels that will help us reduce electricity consumption.