Mrs. L. M. Randell



Welsh by birth and Spanish by adoption, born on the 25th, September 1943 in Swansea. Having spent her childhood and part of her youth in Wales, Mrs. L. M. Randell continued her education at Cheltenham Ladies College, in the British county of Gloucestershire, and later in Oxford. Places that gave her an attitude and vision of Education that accompanied her in the development of her own ECI Educational  Project.


For her time, she was an enterprising and visionary lady, with very clear ideas of how and what a good education should be. Combining the best of British and Spanish cultures, her project begins with a small bilingual playschool, founded in 1969, growing as the years went by and changing to become a cutting-edge School currently two or three form entry up to Sixth Form.

Mrs. Randell displayed a tenacious and charming personality, very present in school life and essential to development of the School spirit. She defended her vision on education based on learning other languages as a means of communication and personal growth, a vision reinforced by critical thinking by pupils, research and enquiry. Mrs. Randell also established assemblies and differents moments of learning and communication.

Mrs. Randell always achieved what she strived for and guided pupils through their practical learning allowing them to make their own decisions. Furthermore, she saw the School as a great family taking care of welfare of all its members and promoting values across the community.

Environment and Society

Involved in cultural and social activities, fond of animals, she actively supported different charity organisations throughout her life. Her professional trajectory was recognised in 1994 with the Award for best businesswoman in El Puerto de Santa María. In 2009, she received the VI AMEP Award, in recognition of the institution and as a  point of reference in Education, not only for pupils and ECI families, but also for charitable organisationd in the province. She is still remembered her commitment to community and environmental issues.


In order to link the origins on our ECI community with Swansea and Mumbles, Mrs. Linda M. Randell donated her parent’s house, her childhood home in Wales,  to the School, so that pupils can enjoy an international experience during their time at The English Centre. Currently, Ael y Bryn has become a residence,  officially opened in March 2017, where the ECI Global Challenge personal growth and linguistic immersion program takes place. 

Mrs. Randell created our School motto, Lifelong love of learning, which we proudly carry with us and helps us understand education as love, personal improvement and continuous development.

The English Centre is currently run by her son Mr. David Randell, Owner and General Director, jointly with his wife, Mrs. Gillian T. Randell, Ownership Delegate. Both continue sharing the values instilled by our founder, as well as the Mission, Vision and Values necessary for pupils to form part of an international environment.

Always ready to follow her dreams

From a very early age, Linda M. Randell was passionate about painting but, as a youngster, a teacher commented she did not have the talent to dedicate herself to painting. Her passion and will were such, that in her old age she wanted to achieve one of her goals and took painting classes. This, to prove to herself, to her pupils and to everyone else, that there is nothing one cannot accomplish if you dedicate all your curiosity and effort to it, and that no one has the power to limit someone else’s will…Always Looking to the Future.