The prime objective is the monitoring of the pupil teaching-learning process, their incorporation in the School dynamics and the academic and professional guidance process.
Tutoring at The English Centre is an educational resource aimed to aid learning, and for this reason, our Tutorial Action Plan aims to be coherent with the educational principles and criteria agreed upon within the Curricular Project.

The fundamental aims of tutoring and guidance are to promote, encourage, coordinate, design and provide pupils and families with an education as personalised as possible.

For this reason we count on the participation of:

» The teacher/tutor.
» The coordinated action of the Tutors and Deputy Heads
» The work and support of the Heads of Department
» The support of the Guidance Department
» Family cooperation
» Action and monitoring of the co-operative tutors
The attention to diversity measures applied in School are aimed towards covering each pupil’s specific educational needs so that they achieve the maximum development possible of their personal capabilities and to the acquisition of the Basic Competences and objectives of the established curriculum at each stage: Early Years, Primary, Secondary and Sixth Form.