Effort, work and perseverance are the pillars of professional success

Welcome to our School, to our family and to our educational system. The search for excellence and the use of languages as a means of communication have been the pillars of our education project for this Institution from the very beginning. We foment attitudes of understanding and social awareness based on respect towards different cultures, races and beliefs in our pupils.

We believe strongly that the acquisition of knowledge is not enough; our pupils learn how to apply their learning through initiative, creativity and a critical thinking. We educate and develop responsible pupils, socially aware of the reality in an ever-growing international environment. We prepare our pupils, providing them with the necessary skills to ensure their personal and professional success. Our International Curriculum provides an excellent framework to promote and instil bilingualism in School, through activities inside and outside the classroom, specialised apps, links with other Schools, etc.

One of the School’s strong points is the ability to inspire curiosity for learning and research through specialised projects that enhance our educational model.

Pedagogical Management is divided into two main pillars; Academic Management, in charge of the pupils curriculum, and the Pupil’s Director, focused on their personal growth. Both work to foment global citizenship mentality in our pupils.