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We prepare people to reach their goals with all the necessary skills for jobs yet to be discovered.

Why ECI?

1. Educational Project which sparks creativity, initiative and a critical spirit based on three pillars: innovation, internalisation and individual attention.
2. Excellent academic results.
3. Education in values and environmental matters.
4. Wide range of complementary and extracurricular activities.
5. We foment multiple intelligences and work on mindfulness among pupils
6. Happy children

ECI Projects

ECI projects contribute to potentiate curricular aspects as well as competences and skills in our pupils.


We have been working since 1969 in order to offer the best resources and Looking to the Future provides spaces designed for pupils (debates, resting areas, robotics, reading…)

ECI Press

Alberto González, winner of the BE Talent contest

Alberto González, winner of the BE Talent contest

Our Upper Sixth Form pupil Alberto González Rodríguez has taken part from the 13th to the 15 of February in the 4th selection phase of the XV Europe Grants programme. During this event held in the Francisco de Vitoria University campus in Madrid, and as part of the 200 pupils chosen from all...