The educational range provided by the music and sports clubs further complement the ECI pupil Curriculum.


Benefits of Music
» Sensitivity
» Self-discipline
» Order
» Team work
» Effort
» Respect

We prepare pupils for the Music Conservatory exams.
Due to the personal enrichment for pupils provided by music and dance, the Acorde Project is in charge of slowly introducing the Music and Dance clubs into the Curriculum to ensure The English Centre becomes a Musically Integrated School, where pupils finishing their educational stage will achieve an official Music Qualification. The first step is the Primary Years 5 and 6 Choir, which every pupil takes part in, irrespective of level.

Music School Activities
» Cantania
» End of School Concerts
» Musical gatherings with other Schools
» Graduations
» Christmas Events



Benefits of Sport.
» Self-esteem
» Team work
» Comradeship
» Solidarity
» Hygiene
» Sociability
» Wellbeing
» Happiness

Practicing a sport is healthy for most people, and even more for pupils.

The Sport club was founded in 2001, and we have been working to improve the sports available ever since, always looking to cater for our pupils’ curiosity and to their benefit. We encourage sport, leisure time and doing physical activities that improve our health and provide fun times to pupils and families. We cooperate with School families who find it hard to cover these needs outside School hours.

Sports Club Activities
» Sports and Rhythmic Gymnastics Exhibitions
» Coleci Cup
» Karate Championships



Pupils work with the latest Robotics technology. The syllabus is in English and it is an extension of the School curriculum. The club has activities and the more advanced and fun models. The prefect preparation for tomorrow’s ‘Rocket Scientists’.


The aim of this School is to continue with German language after our pupils finish Primary Year 3.

We all understand the importance of languages nowadays, and for this reason we want our pupils to extend their knowledge of the language in order to obtain a diploma to validate their level in the four skills (expression in speaking and writing, and comprehension in listening and writing)

Numerous fun activities are carried out in the classes to ensure pupils acquire the various skills in order to adequately use this language.