Without a doubt, this 1st Scientific ECI Contest has been a success. The quantity and quality of the papers has been exceptional. Congratulations!

  • Category A (ESO pupils of The English Centre):

1st Place: Study of pollution in different municipalities of the Bay of Cadiz

Pupils: Lola García Galán, Claudia Nimo Fernández and Teresa Zambrano García

Teacher: Juan Álvarez Caperuza

2nd Place: Nuclear Fusion

Pupils: Fabio Fernández Ruiz, Claudia Herrero Silgado and Javier Sánchez de Toca Arias

Teacher: Juan Álvarez Caperuza


  • Category B (Baccalaureate Pupils of The English Centre):

1st Place: The NBA in numbers

Pupils: Francisco Javier Navarro Díaz

Teacher: Juan José Galvín Barcia

2nd Place: Void


  • Category C (External ESO pupils):

1st Place: What colour are lungs?

Pupils: Ana Rascón González, Candela Medina Torres and Candela Rodríguez Quesada

Teacher: Estela Ruiz Herrera

Sagrado Corazón School (El Puerto Santa María, Cádiz)

2nd Place: Interpretation of “The effect of Brazil nuts”

Pupils: Inés Tosso Delgado and Marcos Anelo Briceño

Teacher: Enrique López Cartes

Lyceum Sagrado Corazón School (San Fernando, Cádiz)


  • Category D (Baccalaureate pupils and external further studies):

1st Place: Study of the antimicrobial activity of essential oils against the growth of hands microbiota

Pupils: Marina Rojas Pérez

Teacher: Anabel Prieto Márquez

Yago School (Seville)

2nd Place: Qrypto

Pupils: Miguel Gil Jiménez, Marina Kirchheim Moreno and Carlos Steiner Navarro

Teacher: Isabel Hidalgo Valero

German School of Seville Albrecht Dürer (Seville)


  • Category E (External projects in English):

1st Place: Reaction rate

Pupils: Ana Celis, Daniela Rodríguez, Belén Pascual and Sophie Sellmeijer

Teacher: Isabel del Pozo Persaud

School: Brains International Schools, La Moraleja (Madrid)


The awards ceremony will be in the Hall of The English Centre next Thursday, 9th of June at 6:00 p.m. Pupils can be accompanied by their families and teachers from their school.

Congratulations to the award-winning pupils and their teachers, whom we are waiting for again in our II ECI Scientific Contest 2023!