This weekend, we are celebrating the 2nd Session of the European Parliament Model in Andalucia, Canary islands, Ceuta and Melilla jointly with the San Patricio Foundation.

A gathering for Lower Sixth Form pupils where they can foment the European citizen culture, debate, constructive parliamentary discourse and dialogue, an activity which is part of our CICERON project. For three days, pupils will be debating current and redundant matter in the European Union, hence becoming true parliament members.

They will be guided at all times by the presidency and former pupils who have already participated in MEP as delegates.

This is the second time The English Centre holds a session, and we have 15 schools from Andalucia and the Canary Islands, public, private and government funded, who have joined this great parliamentary family we trust will continue growing every year.

The matters they must reach a consensus on are:

  1. The EU facing the strengthening of China
  2. Racism and Racial Discrimination in the EU
  3. Working from home and balancing family and personal life
  4. The search for digital immunity during the pandemic

For this 2nd Opening Session of the European parliament Model, we counted with the participation of various dignitaries: Ciudadanos Andalucia member of Parliament Dña. María del Mar Sánchez, El Puerto de Santa María Mayor, D. Germán Beardo, President of Board MEP, D. Ramón Rodríguez, Dña. Sara Linares, President of the Assembly and of course, our General Director and School owner Mr David Randell. All of them support this European Parliament Model to encourage democratic values, parliamentary discourse, and the European citizenship mentality #IIMEPECI

This year, due to the situation around us, we have transformed and adapted the session to an on-line format to connect with all the Schools. Our pupils are taking part in face-to face sessions, always observing the health safety measures.

This year, we also have new sponsors, Sodexo Education and Edelvives, companies committed with education and the future of our young ones.