Our pupil, Minerva Muñoz Venegas, has been awarded one of the 200 Amancio Ortega Grants.
This pupil has expressed her great happiness to have the possibility of taking her Lower Sixth Form year in Canada.
“Had anyone told me a few months ago that today I would be filling out forms to prepare for an academic year in Canada, quite honestly, I wouldn’t have believed them. Actually, I still can’t quite take it in.
About three weeks ago, I received the news that I had been selected for the Grants offered by the Amancio Ortega Foundation! This opportunity they are giving me had, without a shadow of a doubt, been one of my dreams for years, and thanks to the Foundation I will be able to make it come true.
The selection process was not easy, quite the contrary. The past few months have been of great uncertainty and nervousness, during which I was, step by step passing all the phases. I felt total support at all times from my family and friends and from my School, The English Centre. Thanks to all of them I have managed to start preparing to live an experience I consider unforgettable.
The Amancio Ortega Foundation Grants Program offers 200 grants per year to youngsters in Secondary year 4 in Spanish schools, offering the possibility of taking Lower Sixth Form in a High School in Canada or the US. With this initiative they aim to promote learning English language and personal development of youngsters through total immersion in a new environment.
The Amancio Ortega Grant covers 100% of expenses (accommodation, services, trips, taxes, enrolment, food, insurance etc) as well as continued monitoring and support during the time spent in Canada.
Enjoy the experience Minerva! Congratulations!