We firmly believe a good education covers all areas: knowledge, learning, pupil personality, self-confidence, education in values and of course a correct nutrition. We are conscious of the importance of the dining room service’s contribution through healthy eating, by offering pupils a balanced diet and promoting good table manners through workshops on School premises.

We offer our pupils best quality education as well as the best diet and for this reason we feel confident about Sodexo, an international Company, who like us, has over 40 years’ experience.

Sodexo offers the dining room service to over 900 people, between staff and pupils. Food is cooked at School under very strict hygiene controls. Nutritionists develop the menus and adapt them to meet the different family and pupil needs. For this reason we offer families astringent, hypocaloric, lactose intolerant and celiac menus apart from our general menu. Families are informed monthly regarding the menu. This way, families will not only know what their children eat during the day, but also the daily calories and dinner suggestions, following the Health Department recommendations that governs this service.

The dining room Service has three sessions:

» Early Years 12.00 a 13.00 h
» Primary (1º a 6º) 13.15 to 13.45 h
» Secondary/Sixth Form 14.15 to 14.45 h

Example of a weekly menu: