ECI Global Challenge is a project that unites our Welsh tradition and origins with our international outlook and global citizenship. Pupils in different years groups and stages have the opportunity to spend several weeks in our residence in Wales, Ael y Bryn, the home of our Founder, Mrs Linda Randell, which has been fully adapted and refurbished for ECI pupils.

In this program pupils have different connections with schools in the area where they are integrated in the same school stage, sharing activities and classes. The environment of Swansea is also a source of knowledge and learning for the pupils which, in addition to enhancing and perfecting the language, promotes their maturity outside the home as citizens of the world. 

As mentioned above, the programme is divided into several stages:

 – Stage 6 – 5th EPO – where pupils enjoy 2 weeks in Swansea, sharing experiences with a local school as well as a program of challenges and continuous improvement which provides them with great personal development.

– Stage 7 – Year 6 – Focused on choir pupils who spend a week sharing Christmas carols at the various Christmas markets, church concerts as well as musical exchanges with various schools in the area.

– Year 1 – 1st ESO – A week sharing experiences in our home in Wales with a wide range of activities in which to develop their knowledge of the language as well as perfecting their language skills.

– Year 3 – 3rd ESO – A week of exchanges with Olchfa School to perfect the language as well as continuing to learn about English culture and our Welsh origins.

During all of our pupils’ stays at Ael and Bryn, ECi staff accompany them and lead their activities. In addition, Ael and Bryn staff are also available to pupils.