The English Centre School continues, for the second year, with the Erasmus+ Project, where youngsters of different nationalities join for a week in benefit of education, environment and sport, social and mental health.

On this occasion, these youngsters are at our School as we are hosting this Project and they continue investigating and looking for answers as to better socialise and regarding the meaning of social health. We would like to remind that last year, in Croatia, pupils investigated matters regarding mental health and physical and sporting health in Lithuania.

Of course, it is a marvellous occasion to learn about Spanish and Andalusian culture, so we have prepared numerous activities in order for European pupils to learn about it, as well as a visit to the Town Hall next Friday and a social activities program, amongst which we highlight a race in Los Toruños next Sunday 13th (Erasmus Amazing Race).

In Spain, the Erasmus+ program is run by the Spanish Service for the Internationalisation of Education (SEPIE), acting as National Agency for the program regarding education and training and is assigned by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities.

The program is economically subsidised with over 14.7000 million euros and offers opportunities to study, acquire experience and voluntary work to over 4 million prople.

Erasmus+ contributes to the European society with numerous benefits:

  • Helps youngsters enter the workforce
  • Builds a sense of European citizenship.
  • Promotes social inclusion
  • Aids free movement of people.

No doubt, a very beneficial program for pupils from Secondary Year 4 to Lower Sixth Form, providing them with better international knowledge, as well as for their teachers who will benefit from the experiences in other schools during the two years the Project lasts. Next stop Finland in January 2020.