Congratulations are in order! We have recently been awarded the EFR seal which certifies us as a family responsible company, with pupils and stall promoting and helping family-work balance in our community. From its beginnings in 1969, The English Centre id inspired by its motto “LIFELONG LOVE OF LEARNING”. Our aim is to offer pupils a great variety of opportunities in all fields; cultural, artistic, linguistic, scientific and social in order for them to fully develop both academically and personally, and able to perform in the international world. To this we add a clear interest to instil a spirit of social and environmental responsibility, ensuring our pupils become tolerant, generous and committed people. Moreover, aware that staff is the most important factor for the development of the Educational Project, we work to ensure they are demanding, committed, in continuous development and publicly recognised, helping and accompanying them continually to cover their professional and personal needs. Furthermore, aware of the shared responsibility between ECI and families for pupils’ education, we carry out a wide variety of workshops, activities, acts and events fomenting coexistence in the entire ECI Community. Due to the current pandemic situation, the presentation of the EFR seal has taken place online together with the Mas Familia Foundation.